Meena Safi

Research Assistant

Meena worked in the health and education sectors with more than four years of work experience with a nonprofit organization in Afghanistan. She has a Bachelor of Medical Science and worked as a physician in Afghanistan.  Meena worked on a Washington University St. Louis-funded Education Equality and Quality project in Afghanistan and Pakistan (EEQAP) in 2018 and 2020. She also worked as a health Management Information System at the national level with the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) in Afghanistan. She also supported the education of the youth in midwifery, nursing, pharmacy, and physiotherapy on reproductive health and rights, hygiene, and gender equality in NAC health education institutions – funded by the World Bank, NORAD, and the European Union. In addition, Meena volunteered with a civil society network to bring the voice from the grassroots up to the government’s and international donors’ attention. She has voluntarily hosted TV programs for school student advocacy, was a key member of the Afghan female students’ advocacy team in Kabul, and received the most Influential Women Award from Galicia Spain (2021). Currently, Meena is working as a research assistant focused on the well-being of refugees and immigrants with Professor Mitra. As a translator with the (SALaMA) project and as a volunteer translator with the law school of Washington University in St. Louis.